About us




We are a friendly and supportive not-for-profit club aimed at buillding confidence in public speaking and meeting, interview, presentaion and leadership skills. Membership is £60 for six months (just £5 per meeting) but try us out first for free.

Stevenage Speakers Club is part of Toastmasters International, who provide us with all our training materials plus a network of 350,000 members worldwide. We are not to be confused with the people in red jackets and gavels who toast the Queen. Our clubs are made up of people from all walks of life including: managers, authors, entrepreneurs, actors, researchers, campaigners, accountants, IT consultants and those just starting their career hoping to get a head start!

As well as accomplished speakers looking to hone their presentation skills, our members include those aiming to become professional speakers along with those intimidated by speaking engagements simply wishing to gain confidence and learn new communication techniques.


A typical club night consists of:

  • Prepared Speeches – Two to three members present short 5-7 minute speeches on a topic of their choice.

  • Table Topics – Members and guests are invited to make a 1-2 minute speech on a subject given to them.

  • Evaluations – All prepared and impromptu speeches are evaluated; feedback focusses on positive recommendations.

  • Networking – We always break for refreshments and networking; and we also adjourn to the bar afterwards.

In addition to club nights we also host regular speaking contests, such as the Humorous Speech and International Speech.

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